A Wonderful year for the Wagonerís Ė 2001
Wagoner Family Topsail Island - click to view larger image

This year has been full of events for us. In January, Alan went from contractor to a permanent position with IBM. I was promoted to the Team Lead of the helpdesk with my company, GSK. We spent many days and evenings checking up on the home we were building. We were scheduled to close in May, but didnít happen.  

We had a fantastic Diving vacation in Bonaire with our friends Mike and Lea.  Around Valentines Day we added a new member to our family, Baker. He was just a six-week-old, 8 lb yellow lab pup and has stolen our hearts over the past year. He is such a character and is now a lean 85lbs and still growing. He is spoiled rotten and thinks he rules the roost (he probably does). 

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary in March. This was a month of getting up with the little puppy in the wee hours of the morning to let him go potty. We were really glad when he began to sleep through the night. Memorial Weekend was our 1st time taking Baker to the beach. He had a wonderful time and really enjoyed boogie boarding with us. It seems the summer flew by and next thing you knew it was August and time to pack. We moved into our new home August 17th, 2001. It is a traditional southern home with all the trimmings. We are very pleased with our home, neighborhood and neighbors. Our back yard is big enough for Baker to play, but we need to put up a fence so he can roam free. 

The house is 2 stories plus a basement, so we have plenty of room to grow into. The first month or so in our home was spent unpacking and trying to settle in. We spent just about every weekend working on projects and making our house into our home. About a month after moving in I thought I was hit with the flu. Turns out to be quite a different kind of flu. Alan and I are pregnant! 

We were a little surprised for a few minutes and then it began to sink in and we couldnít wait to call everyone. We are due with our little bundle on May 26, 2002. We have had a few ultrasounds in the past couple of months and have seen the little munchkin wave at us and have the hiccups. We found out last week that it is a boy and we are both very excited. 

October brought us our 1st houseguests. Dwayne and Carrie from Las Vegas came out to visit and then the later that month our EC Parents (Alanís Mom and Shelly) were out for a fun weekend. For the remainder of October and November I was pretty wiped out. This pregnancy stuff is tuff on your bod. I couldnít get enough sleep and eating was not my favorite thing to do. For Thanksgiving we spent a nice quiet time at home and had our neighbor James over for Turkey dinner. The remainder of the weekend we took Baker to the beach and once again had a wonderful time. 

In December we flew to Las Vegas to meet my family for a wonderful fun filled weekend. It was very special and great to see everyone. We plan on spending a nice quiet Christmas at home and work on fixing up the babyís room and some other home projects. I am fortunate enough to have the week between Christmas and New Yearís off. 

Have a great Holiday Season!

Heidi and Alan