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Since we've been here, we've been on a number of trips. Our first trip was to Wales. It was great to get out, and see some of the country side (even if we didn't understand some of their signs). For Alan's Birthday, we decided to go across The Channel to Belgium. We saw many a sight (and site) there. We were bored one weekend, so decided to visit Southern England.  For Heidi's Birthday, scuba diving in Egypt.  We spent Christmas in Cornwall


The beautiful tales of celebrating our First Anniversary (March 9th) in Paris.  July 98, had us back to the Red Sea for some more great scuba diving! Oh, and check our great activity  weekend in the Lake District of Northern England.  The Solomon Islands were a fantastic way to end the year.  3 weeks of Scuba diving and a quick trip to Sydney Australia too.  We did not do a write up on this trip, but we spent over 500 hours making a video on a CD ROM. We had a fantastic time and if you wish to have a CD sent to you just email.


Valentine's and Carnival in Venice, Italy (Romance and fun). Don't miss the excitement in Munich, Germany and a quick hop to Austria Easter weekend 1999.


Our summary of the past year in Days Gone By .  The big move from Coast to Coast .   We accomplished the Mother's Day Mission Impossible .   Now that we were East Coasters, it was very convenient for us to attend  Camp Jeep 2000  in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia. 


Well,  we did make a couple of trips this year, but neglected to write up a journal. We spent a week in Bonaire SCUBA Diving and a long weekend visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With a new puppy and building a home, we have been busy. 

2002-2004  Busy having a couple of kids and adjusting to our new lifestyle and parenthood.


Well,  back on the road again.  We took the kids on a road trip to Asheville North Carolina and had a wonderful time.  Our Trip to Disney World was FANTASTIC.  We took over 120 pictures and a few of the best can be viewed by clicking the link. Disney World PicturesOff to Reno, NV for Heidi's 40th Birthday


- April 27-29, Alan's Busa Bash Trip  The details are here.
- July 29, 2006 Alan's First Track Day (07-13-2006)  Click ME if you want to find out what happened at my first track day. - -
- July 28-31, 2006 St. George, Utah.
- August 30-Sept 5, 2006   Beaches Resort - Turks and Caicos photo slide show click here  (100+ photos, so it may take a while to load)  short movie snips click here
- October 3-9, 2006 A wonderful Family visit and vacation!


- March 9th, 2007 -10th Wedding Anniversary Cruise to Cozumel  To see all of the vacation pictures click here
- July 21st, 2007 - Alan's write-up of his motorcycle trip to Barber (done on May 30 - June 3rd)
  I wrote the text of the story some time ago, but I've been waiting for the pictures from the guy who was on the track clicking away.  It's a fairly long/large page, so if   you've got dial-up, open the page, and go get some coffee.  It may take a few minutes.  Everything you want to know about what I did is right here.  
- July 4th, 2007 vacation in Philadelphia
We were off to Philly for 4 days and only had plans to go to Sesame Place. We arrived on the 4th of July and rested for a bit, then off to Washington Crossing. We had just missed an independence day show, but were able to see them packing up the cannon. Thursday and Friday we spent about 8 hours each day at Sesame Place. Thursday was rainy all day, so we pretty much had the park to ourselves. We figured it was a water park, so we would be wet anyway. Friday it was very sunny and a bit more crowded, but still not too bad. We sure had fun. Lars went all of the rides on his own and Anya did most of them as a passenger. As you may have guessed, we don't have loads of pictures on the rides as it was a water park. We did manage to take several pictures anyway. 
Click here for photos   Video 1 (19mb)   Video 2/Slide show (46mb)  

- October 2007 - Family Beach weekend  Click on the picture below to see all pictures.
- December 19th -29th, 2007 - Christmas Vacation (Nevada and California) Link to photo gallery


- March 30 - April 5  Ocho Rios Jamaica!
- June 4-8, 2008 Heidi went to California to celebrate Kathy's Birthday and Taira's Graduation.  Click here for Pictures
- July 18-20, 2008  Long weekend to Carowinds theme park and Alan's glider flight 
 - Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2008
   Halloween weekend at Disney World with Grandma, Poppi and Grandma Bev     
- November, Thanksgiving weekend 2008 at Snowshoe Mountain, West Virginia     Click here for details and pictures.  

- December, Christmas 2008  Myrtle Beach, SC   
Click here for details and pictures.


- January New York    
- March Myrtle Beach    Click Here    
April Rock Band Party  Click here for PIX   
- June  Great Wolf Lodge -  Concord, NC (Schools out for summer!)   

We decided to take the kids to "The Lodge" to celebrate the end of school and beginning of summer. Oh what fun it was. We did everything except take loads of pictures, as we were in water most of the time. We love when the bell began to ring and we knew the big bucket was going to dump.  Anya's favorite seemed to be the wave pool. Lars and Alan loved the "Tornado", I thought it was frightening and took me all weekend to work up the nerve to give it a try. Lars loved playing on the ropes and we all loved the slippery snake as well as the remaining waterslides.
River rapids, we all loved this and could ride together. (excluding when I wanted pictures!) The end of the Tornado (toilet bowl thing)

- July  Reno Family Trip   Click here to see tons of pictures.  
- November Beaches Resort in Negril, Jamaica  November 20-27, 2009   Thanksgiving week!    
- December Christmas Break 2009 & Beech Mountain, NC


- March  Spring Break 2010 Florida (March 27-April 3)
      Photo Gallery Here
- May 2010 , Washington DC - Memorial Weekend
- June 12-13, 2010  Alan Track time a Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw South Carolina
  The kids had a blast watching daddy, even though it was 100+ and humid as all get out.  Each time Alan would fly by on the straight closest to us, Lars would run along   side the fence. Each time, Lars would ask "Did I beat daddy?".  :-)  I figure Lars was maybe doing 6-7 mph and Alan may 140mph.  (Alan's write-up here.)  VIDEO
  Look for the Black leathers, Red helmet with white strip and white bike, black tires.

- July 2010   - Utah Vacation    Slideshow     
- Aug 27-29, 2010  Camp Rockmont - 4th year Trailblazers
  Alan and Lars had a fantastic weekend away with their Y tribe. 
  Friday was river rafting, as you can tell they were miserable!  :-)  Lars can't wait to go again.
  They also did loads of activities at camp: archery, shooting range, zip line, and more including the Blob!  link to Alan Blobbing Doug

- September 16-20, 2010 Mexico. 
Alan and Heidi go to Mexico and the kids stayed home with Grandma Bev.  :-)
Click here for travel journal by Alan and slideshow by Heidi.
Chichen Itza
On the path down through the cave to Ik Kil Cenote

- Alan at "The Gauley" October 2010

- November, Thanksgiving 2010 click here  
- December 
Christmas in Orlando 2010  - click here for pictures




We hope that you enjoy our Trip Tales. We enjoyed going on them just for your reading pleasure!

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